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One of my most favourite things is taking something old or everyday and giving it vavavoom. I have been lovingly restoring pieces of furniture for many years to fit perfectly in my home. I choose natural pieces and enhance the best qualities and that’s how I approach weddings in Italy. Some of my most treasured pieces of furniture are not big budget pieces but you wouldn’t know – I use the same principle for designing some of our weddings, how you present and orchestrate creates fabulousness.


I have a fondness and pride for my history & heritage; my mother comes from Calabria southern Italy,  I have wonderful memories of summer holidays spent in a rustic village visiting family.  Passion manifested itself in conversation, food, hellos and goodbyes.  When I talk about Italy there is a noticeable change in my tone, there is a firey heat that gives fuel to my imagination for how I wish to inspire & help couples. 
There are new Italy wedding planning companies popping up each year, I do monitor who is coming on the scene as I like to observe and then take a step back and go in to creative mode and come up with fresh ideas for what to do differently and how do it. Wedding planning is a swirling mass of emotion, personality/relationship and expectation and destination weddings present a slightly different version of wedding planning back home.


Popping along with Mum or your bridesmaid to see your florist, makeup artist, hairstylist would mean a weekend away flights and accommodation.  I have come up with idea of hosting a Plan Your Italy Wedding Pop up in London on 29th March.  There are no stands to walk around, the space is more informal, its designed for you to mingle and talk to the experts and for couples to peek into the world of wedding planning.  The more adventurous couples are doing more for themselves so we will share some of our knowledge for different scenarios of wedding planning, or if you are a delegator you could walk away having made one of the most important decisions in who you have chosen to make your dream wedding happen.  If you select the right wedding planner the planning becomes a party, get it wrong and you will want go your separate ways pretty quickly.

You can find Accent Events on The Love Lust List International in our Italian section.

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