Cin Cin


Check out Cin Cin, a gorgeous vintage Fiat van specialising in Italian bubbles & nibbles!

Owner David Toscano, has recently launched his spring/summer line-up, which is perfect for weddings! The ingredients and pairings are fresh and contemporary, combining elegance with the fun of street food while still retaining echoes of traditional Italian cooking.

The menu includes delights such as Crostini with Gorgonzola, Pear & Truffle Honey, or a brilliant Tuna and Almond Pate with Pecorino cheese. He’ll also be adding to his range of Arancini with such delights as Pea, Mint & Basil, and a Pulled Pork, Pine Nuts & Raisin combination.

Equally mouthwatering are the Crispy Porchetta canapés with apple sage puree, and the fresh and seasonal Fennel, Crab & Orange salad.


But if canapés aren’t your thing, he can also work to provide you with a more robust Italian menu incorporating favourites such as Calzone, homemade meatballs, authentic pasta dishes and more and more, all served in a street food style from this unique and striking van.

David has also been working on Italian cocktails and this year he will introduce some delicious drink combinations to stimulate the palate and bring a wonderful sense of celebration to his offering.

Prosecco cocktails like Bellinis and Sgroppinos will burst with vibrant, fruity and zesty summer tones crafted using fresh pomegranate, strawberry, lemon, kiwi, peach and raspberry. And, if you’re looking for signature cocktails at your wedding, David can work to fashion something perfect for your theme and tastes.  

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