White Avenue | An Outdoor Winter Shoot


It is true to say, Britain doesn’t allow for many outdoor weddings because of the rain, but just sometimes we manage to get some beautiful sunshine. This shoot was all about celebrating the sun and and providing some inspiration for a pretty outdoor wedding, even if it does mean the ground is wet and you have to prance around in wellies! I suppose this is a bittersweet goodbye to the warm days we had but rather than feel a little depressed about it, here’s to remembering how lovely it was. 

White Avenue_0001

We hope it brightens up your dull Winter day with the gorgeous pastel colours and scrumptious desserts!

White Avenue_0002

Instead of one large floral centrepiece for the table, we went for an array of different pieces in glass vases which the very talented Marianne from Sweet Pea Flowers created. The colours used were pinks, peaches, creams and greens. It has a slight rustic feel to it with the straw hearts on the chairs and beautiful green surroundings. 

White Avenue_0006

The aim of the shoot was to style the models in something soft and quite understated, with a boho style hair for the bride and something cute and neat for the bridesmaid.

White Avenue_0004

The bride was dressed in a whimsical dress by Monsoon and her bridesmaid wore a beautiful vintage style dress from Anthropologie. 

White Avenue_0005


Planner & Styling: White Avenue
Photographer: Hannah Akers Photography
Florals: Sweet Pea Flowers
Hair: Amanda White
Cake: Sugared Saffron
Stationery: Amelia Lane 
Dresses: Anthropologie and Monsoon 
Chocolate Strawberries: Berry Temptation
Location: Hyde Park in London

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